We offer many opportunities for guests to get some exercise and enjoy the outdoors even beyond walking or running down the road or through the fields and woodland trails. All guests, children and adults alike, are always welcome to help out on our farm. Putting in hay, clearing brush, building and repairing fence, stacking firewood, tending the garden, and caring for our livestock keeps us healthy, fit, strong, connected to the land, and in-tune with the changing seasons.

But, to create the opportunity for those who want to stay longer than they might otherwise be able to afford to stay, we've dedicated this small guest room for intensive work/study get-aways.

Our projects can be adjusted to suit your needs and to help you pursue your particular interests:
Sustainable Dairy Cow Management and Home Cheesemaking Farm Stay
Gardening, Free-Range Laying Hens, and Homesteading Experience
Historic Structure Rehabilitation, Carpentry, and Timberframing Internship
Healthy Lifestyle/Weight-loss Retreat
Yard & Groom Equestrian Horsemanship & Training Experience
Hospitality Management Internship

Wake each morning to a spectacular view of the sun rising over Lake Champlain! Enjoy the company of our other guests over a delicious farm-fresh breakfast in the formal dining room (as space permits) or on the wrap-around porch with our family. Spend some your time with us in the garden, grooming trails, building fence and caring for livestock, or otherwise maintaining the property. Take the remainder of each day to hike the wilderness, explore our pastures and hay meadows, visit the region's numerous beautiful natural and historic sites, or simply read a book and gaze out over the lake.

We'll give you a real room if we can, otherwise you'll be in The Farmhand, our charming spare bedroom with a wiry, old double bed and half-bath/cleaning closet (farm-stay guests may bathe in owner-quarters bathroom).

Available for 1-4 week reservations, for persons 17 years of age and older, lodging and meals included.
4-5 hours/day manual labor requirement - where work will range from gardening and landscaping, putting in hay, maintaining trails, veterinary/care assistance for livestock, to painting and structure maintenance.
Resume and $200.°° damage deposit required.


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