Since 2017 we've been relocating our possessions and farm, livestock and equipment, to the Adirondacks. When you join us at The Inn on Lake Champlain we hope you won't be disappointed to see that there are much needed and ongoing improvements to the land and infrastructure at almost every corner. We are compassionate and motivated to see each of our goals achieved; that certainly includes customer satisfaction throughout the improvement of the Inn, grounds, farm, and development and management of our sustainable farm-based businesses.

After six years on our new farm we have enjoyed meeting our new neighbors, many of whom are fellow farmers, artists, and craftsmen. We are likewise thrilled with the opportunity to welcome some of the most amazingly conscientious, generous, enlightened B&B guests into our historic farmhouse!

Since arriving in NY we have invested substantially in improving our pastures, hay meadows, woodland, orchard, and agricultural structures for memorable education and health based tourism and agricultural income, and hope to continue doing so with future generations in mind. The ideals of conscientious wilderness and historical exploration and education, farming experience, low/no-carbon footprint outdoor recreation, and conservation/preservation based learning and outdoor activities are the foundation of our efforts to enjoy and protect wild spaces and rural landscapes for future generations.

Our family of six is beyond excited and honored to continue the legacy and preservation of this magnificent lakeside farm. Please consider following our progress and helping us to promote our unique B&B and sustainable farm-based businesses by liking and sharing our Facebook) page with your friends. We look forward to sharing our photos, goals, adventures, and various projects to restore the property to productive, organic farmland with equestrian and other recreation amenities with past and future guests!

We are dedicated to sustainable business development; supporting and growing the local and regional economy through local connections, creating and improving long-term agricultural assets. We support the region's farmers, orchardists, beekeepers, syrup makers, artists, and other craftspeople.

We donate to Vermont Public, WCNY, The Putnam Founders' Fund, The Last Chance Corral, The ACLU, The Putnam Central School PTO, The University of Vermont Children's Hospital, The Nature Conservancy, The Northern Washington County Trail Blazers, Wikipedia, and Vet Tails' Sailing Chuffed.


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