~ 2017 at The Inn on Lake Champlain ~
A collection of the best and worst moments as we uproot our farm from SE Ohio to The Adirondacks (Upstate NY).
Loads of before and after photos and video segments of our new life, farming, and opening a sustainable B&B in a historic Victorian farmhouse on 440 acres overlooking Lake Champlain.

Our work included redecorating and repairing the interior of the historic B&B - from painting and refinishing to plumbing and electrical repairs. Outside, we rehabilitated hay meadows, cleared brush and built fence on 40 acres. We relocated livestock 7 horses, 3 dairy cows, and a bull. Otherwise, we were improving the landscaping, building hen houses, and starting work on our garden plot. We did some minimal work to hold our historic farm structures up for another year.

Along with all the daily adventures of raising two little wild kids, milking cows, churning butter, and gretting guests, we took the time to shoot some video and take some photos of all that was amazing and beautiful in life!


~ 2017 Promo Video by WCNY ~
This short promo video was created by WCNY PBS - as part of their travel auction fundraiser.



Lake Champlain Inn

Putnam Station, NY Inn